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 Pos. 20013

Used Tray sealer

Make:     SEALPACK

Type:        SEALPACK 800 plus

Year of construction: 2006
Dimensions: length of the machine: 3070mm
Running length: ca 5000mm
Width: 1928mm
Height: 2190mm

Electrical connection value: 3 x 400 / 230V
Electrical power supply: max. 10kW
Air pressure: 8 bar / 650 l / min
Weight:       approx. 2500kg
Foil roll:    outside diameter 400 mm
              Internal diameter 3 "
              Roll width 425 mm
Roll weight: 20 kg
Vacuum: dependent on Tool and depth of cups
capacity of the vacuum pump is tool and product dependent
Free tool range: 350 x 970
Bowl depth: 150 mm
Fumigation: Tools, bowls - and product dependent
Type of protection: IP 65


8 pair (16 PCs) extension boom (left + right) (Photo 1)
10-pair (20 PCs) extension boom 2 (left + right) (Photo 2)
Mold plate 1 (top + bottom) 140 x 177
Mold plate 2 (top + bottom) 260 x 177
Mold plate 3 (top + bottom) 260 x 180
Trolley for mould

Machine is reconditioned with new control panel.










Pos. 20014

 Used Form-Fill-and Seal machine for butter 

 Make:                       Verpaco 

  Type:                         VPX120 

 Filling volume:         10g, 15g

 Technical information:           

 Capacity: 12.5 Strokes/min.  a´24pcs.  = 300 packs / minute         

Control: Tesch, 
Synchronization with feed unit, discharge unit 

 Supply: 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50 Hz (three right field)  

 Fuse: 36 A     

 Transport chain drive: Posi-stop motor     

 Air pressure: 7 bar with hose 19 mm Inside, about 2,000 l / min.   

 Water pressure: 2 bar with hose 6 mm Inside, about 250 l / min.    

 dimension machine:  

 including Packer: 9220 mm / 4100 mm / 2135 mm (L / W / H)  

  Bottom foil         

  Film Width: 365 mm         

 Material: PS / PVC      

 Roll external diameter: max. 600 mm     

 Core diameter: 76 mm   

 Extras: foils control at end of roll or demolition    

 Forming station with preheating          

 Preheating sandwich before hot plates         

 Shaping: shaping punch  

 Lifting device: pneumatic with toggle   

 Mold: 6 lanes, 4-row       

 Packing dimensions: 50 x 51.5 mm  

 Forming: see sheet format    

 Off length: 220 mm  

 Extras: 2x 6-digit stamping  

 Bottom foil section:  

 Knife: heated, for klink corner         

 Lifting device: pneumatic with toggle   

 loading zone:

 Length: about 2 meters   

top foil:         

 Film Width: 360 mm         

 Material: metallized aluminum / PET    

 Roll external diameter: max. 400 mm  

 Core diameter: 76 mm     

 sealing station    

 Sealing: Seal chamber base with rubber seals         

 Lifting device: pneumatic with toggle 

 Sealing tool: 6 lanes, 4-row   

 Packing dimensions: 50 x 51.5 mm

Complete cut punch     

 Knife: cpl. Cutting equipment 6 lanes, 4-row                    

 Slides rest rewinding       

 Motorised rewind for film skeleton. 

 rotary packer: 

 Packer: 24 times the suction cups, with overlapping of the sachets,         

Number and location of the adjustable portion packs         

Supply: 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50 Hz (three right field)         

Air pressure: 7 bar with hose 19 mm Inside 

Machine is complete reconditioned with new controls.

Available immediately.


Pos. 20015

used Form- Fill- and Seal machine

Make:   HASSIA, Tpe: THM 18/42

Year:    1994

Capacity:  22 Strokes/min.  a´ 6 cups

Filling volume:  100 - 500ml

Included mould set:  100g and 250g

Technical details see attached PDF document.


used Tray errector and packer

Make:  AMPACK, Type:  K P01

Year:   1993

Technical details see attached PDF document.

Out of operating November 2018.

Price as it is and where it is  in EU           €   38.000,00




















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